11 May 1984
Florida, United States
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with a walk like mine i'm a big presence.
name's HEATHER. i fuck bitches up for a living. except not really. i teach. i write. i artify prettypretty pictures. some call me a slutty whorebag, but i prefer to think that i live an EXUBERANT LIFESTYLE. totally different circumstances. anyway, here you'll find random crap. icons, wallpapers, pic-spams, fanfic, random rants, reviews...stuff like that. i demand credit if you use any of my stuff, otherwise i'll hunt your ass down.
ali larter, jensen ackles, lauren graham, milo ventimiglia, rachel bilson, christian bale, tricia helfer, james mcavoy, jennifer garner, jake gyllenhaal, maggie grace...
twin cinema.
gilmore girls, smallville, supernatural, heroes, lost, weeds, gossip girl, battlestar galactica, brotherS & sisters, the oc, veronica mars, angel, buffy the vampire slayer, alias, charmed, house, grey's anatomy...
great dj.
tegan & sara, coldplay, rilo kiley, spoon, band of horses, mates of state, the kooks, santogold, the new pornographers, the ravonettes, the shins, the ting tings, yeah yeah yeahs, rogue wave, the arcade fire...
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